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TMRC Aggregate and Geotechnical Materials Research and Testing Facilities

 Gilso-Matic aggregate shaker

State-of-the-art aggregate/geotechnical research and test facilities are available to the TMRC researchers at Michigan Tech. Michigan Tech maintains AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) accreditation, which is administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for aggregate testing. The aggregate and geotechnical materials laboratory facilities consist of three laboratories encompassing over 15,600 square feet of laboratory space.

One laboratory is an aggregate pilot plant where different aggregate crushing, grinding and classification equipment can be used to simulate full-scale production of aggregates and reclaimed materials. A second facility is an aggregate preparation laboratory. The final set of facilities consists of aggregate and soil characterization facilities. The combined capabilities of the three facilities are detailed below:


Aggregate Processing Pilot Plant
The aggregate processing pilot plant consists of over 10,000 square feet of laboratory space that includes a high-bay area. The pilot plant is equipped as follows (IMP):

Material Receiving And Handling

  • 1-5ton dump truck, Chevy C60.
  • 1-3/4ton 4WD pick up truck, GMC 25.
  • 1-2ton fork lift, Clark.
  • 1-front end loader, John Deere, 3/4 yard bucket.
  • 1-tow motor w/roll clamp.
  • 10 bins, 3 cubic yards each
  • 1-platform scale, Fairbanks Morse, 6250 lbs.
  • 2-beam scales, Fairbanks Morse, 1500 lbs.
  • 2-platform scales, Fairbanks Morse, 1500 lbs.
  • 8-buggies, 1000 lbs.
  • 1-Merrick weigh feeder (set-point control) 0-2000 lbs/hr.
  • 3 feeders, Jeffrey vibrating, type 1B, 3-in pan.
  • 1 feeder, Syntron vibraflow, type FO, 7-in pan.
  • 1 feeder, Eriez hi-vi, type 40A, 9-in pan.
  • 1 feeder, Eriez hi-vi, type 50A, 17-in pan.
  • 1 feeder and hopper, Eriez hi-vi, type 40A, 5-in or 9-in pan.
  • 1 feeder, constant speed, 12-in x 12-ft long belt.
  • Various hoppers and bins.
  • Other heavy equipment: trucks, front-end loaders, bulldozers, mobile crane and clamshell are available from the University Facilities Management Department.

Belt Conveyors

  • 1-Barber Greene, 18-in x 23-ft.
  • 1-Barber Greene, 18-in x 21-ft.
  • 1-Lake Shore tote-all, 9-in x 19-ft.
  • 1-New London, 18-in x 18-ft.
  • 1-Barber Greene, 12-in x 13-ft.
  • 1-Barber Greene, 12-in x 5-ft.
  • 1-Barber Greene, 8_-in x 7-ft.
  • 1-Barber Greene, 8-in x 6-ft.
  • 1-Barber Greene, 12-in x 8-ft.

Crushing Facilities

  • 1-Rogers jaw, 9-in x 14-in, 20 HP.
  • 1-Traylor gyratory, type "TY", 15-in, 20 HP.
  • 1-Denver jaw, 5-in x 6-in.
  • 1-Massco crusher, 4-in x 6-in.
  • 1-coffee mill, No. 2, type "D".
  • 1-protecting magnetic, Eriez, permanent, 6-in x 24-in.
    Note: the Rogers jaw and Traylor gyratory are installed in closed circuit with a
    Simplicity vibrating screen, using conveyors to provide continuous operation.

Screening Facilities

  • 1-Simplicity, model C, 2 ft x 3 ft (double deck).
  • 1-Symons, type F, 2 ft x 4 ft (double deck).
  • 1-Derrick, J24 36MS.
  • 1-Sweco, 24-in diameter.
  • 1-Denver Dillon, 12-in x 3 ft.
  • 1-Gilson shaker, 18-in x 24-in.
  • 1-Symons, type F, 3 ft x 8 ft (double deck).
  • 1-Derrick, J18-60AW-2.

Grinding Facilities

  • 1-Autogenous mill, Hardinge, 6 ft diameter x 2 ft long, 24 HP w/load cells.
  • 1-Rod mill, Denver, 3 ft x 5 ft (inside liners), 30 HP.
  • 1-Rod-ball mill, Hardinge, 3 ft x 5 ft (outside liners), 20 HP.
  • 1-Rod mill, Hardinge, 2 ft x 3 ft, 5 HP.
  • 1-Ball mill, Hardinge tricone, 3 ft x 2 ft x 2_ ft, 10 HP.
  • 1-ttrition mill, Drais Type PM40STS-H, 40 liter cap.
  • 5-Energy meter combinations (KWH - elapsed time meters), 3 phase.
  • 1-Recording KW meter, L and N, Speedomax H recorder.
  • 1-Bearing temperature recorder, Rustrak.
  • 4-Set Point Water Controllers.
  • 3-Magnetic Flowmeters.
  • 4-Density Gauges.
  • 1-Microtrac on stream size analyzer.

Classification Facilities

  • 1-Rake, Dorr-Oliver, 8-in x 5-ft.
  • 1-Rake, Dorr-Oliver, 14-in x 8-ft.
  • 2-Sieve bends, 12-in wide x 51_-in long with rapper.
  • 1-Sieve bend, Dorr-Oliver DSM, type T, 60°, 12-in wide x 31_-in long.
  • 1-Cyclone, Dorr-Oliver.
  • 1-Derrick, J18 60 AW.
  • 1-Cyclone, Krebs, 4-in diameter.
  • 1-Cyclone, Krebs, 3-in diameter.
  • 2-Cyclone, Dorr-Oliver, 3-in diameter.
  • 2-Cyclone, Heyl and Patterson.
  • 1-Cyclone unit, Dorr-Oliver Multiclone, 50 mm diameter, 2 units.
  • 1-Cyclone, Krebs Model U2-1436, 2-in diameter.
  • 1-Dorr-Oliver set sizer, 10-in diameter x 4 ft (Met).
  • 1-Dorr bowl, 9-in double rake, 3 ft bowl (Met).
  • 1-Evans hindered settling classifier, 4-4-in chambers (Met).

Aggregate Preparation and Classification
The second laboratory facility consists of over 800 square feet of space and is used for aggregate preparation and classification.
The following equipment is contained in this facility (B005 Dillman):

1-Gilsomatic aggregate separator (24-in x 30-in) with feeding system capable of separating up to 3000lbs of coarse aggregate per hour.
  • 4 bins, three cubic yards each.
  • 2-Gilson aggregate separators (18-in x 24-in).
  • 1-Mine and Smelter 4-in x 6-in jaw crusher.
  • 1-McFarlane-Eccers roll mill.
  • 1-Wiley mill.
  • Multiple 8-in and 12-in round sieves and shakers for gradation analysis.
  • Multiple scales for proportioning materials.

Geotechnical Research Facilities
The third laboratory facility consists of over 4800 square feet of space and contains advanced material characterization equipment for aggregates and geotechnical materials.

The following equipment is contained in this facility (B010 Dillman):

  • Split-Hopkins Bar for testing aggregates/portland cement concrete and determination of dynamic fracture characteristics.
  • 1 Micromeritics accupyc and 1Mircomeritics geopyc for aggregate specific gravity determination.
  • 1 Barnstead/Thermolyne aggregate specific gravity measuring device for fine aggregate SSD bulk specific gravity measurement.
  • 1 Micro – Deval conditioning system.
  • Magnesium and Sulfate soundness test equipment.
  • Los Angeles Abrasion test equipment.
  • Multiple units of equipment for measuring the bulk specific gravity of coarse and fine aggregate.
  • Fine aggregate angularity test equipment.
  • Automated Consolidatometers.
  • MTS 5 kip servo-hydraulic soil testing system with MTS Test-star II digital control and 6 g.p.m. pump. MTS 20 kip dual channel servo-hydraulic with digital control. Dual controls allow for separate control of directional pressures. This test frame is set-up to run the LTPP P46 resilient modulus protocol.
  • Chan tri-axial pneumatic soil testing system.
  • Four pneumatic consolidation systems with computerized data acquisition.


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